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    Brief Introduction

    APTIKNAS - Brief Introduction

    APTIKNAS (www.aptiknas.id), Indonesian ICT Businessman Association, which has 24 Regional Advisory Council (http://www.aptiknas.id/p/pengurus-dpd.html), with a distribution network of 2000 stores throughout Indonesia.  APTIKNAS is the transformation of APKOMINDO (the former) and now become as new broadened and wider organisation.

    APKOMINDO is 27 years old organization with extensive experiences in the field of ICT and very much well known in Indonesia while APTIKNAS has just been declared in Jakarta on February 24th 2017.  We optimistic this organization will become much bigger, stronger and able to contribute to economic growth in Indonesia, especially with the trend of smart city, IoT and digital economy.

    APTIKNAS has 3 sister associations, each of them has specific focus. We established APOI (Indonesia Online Entrepreneur Association) in order to help members who have online business and encourage SME to have the online business. APOI was started from offline communities and became Association in 2016 to help SME to use digital technology.

    We also knew that some members move to physical security related products and technology, then we combine together in ASISINDO (Indonesia System Integrator and Security System Association). All the system integrator and brands owner in CCTV, access control and smart home products under ASISINDO.

    We do know that some of members move to software development and cloud computing sectors, then we form ACCI (Indonesia Cloud Computing Association).

     In APTIKNAS, we have three main goals.

    Smart City.

    In line with the times, we do not just take care of business sales (computers and devices), but also help the development of digital startup such as application developers and software, security systems, network systems, CCTV, including trending as a smart city and smart home.

    APTIKNAS had related to many industry associations, societies and activities under this organization. We actually focus on the development of ecosystems that support and reinforce each others, which would become a very effective partners in rolling out new products or solutions such as for smart city trends.

    APTIKNAS sharing the opportunities, activities, information obtained, not only to its members, but also to the ecosystem. Thus APTIKNAS has a broad reach and effective in scrolling product or solution that is needed by members of the ecosystem. To complete this goal, we also received input from various parties, so APTIKNAS indeed have a network and ecosystem continues that will become bigger and stronger.

    Related to ASISINDO, we have Smart City center. As a storefront media to expose the relevant products for Smart City. We will be inviting all smart city products and technologies, to expose their products in our Smart city Center in Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta.

    We also develop Smartcity’s solutions and education portal at www.smartcityindo.com. All products and technologies related to smart city , smart home and Internet of Things can be introduce using this portal.


    Our government’s goal to become Digital Economy on 2020. We work closely with marketplace platforms, where our members have placed their products and solutions. We also help government in many regulation initiation and development  related to e-commerce. Our members involved in LKPP as online shop provider to help better e-procurement services for government.

    Digital Agent
    We also preparing digital agent, our millennials have been training through joining  communities to help other to use digital technology related products and solutions. 

    We also introduce www.startsmeup.id to help small and medium business (UKM) to utilize technologies and marketplace. We preparing young person to assist existing SME players to use, promote using digital marketing and e-commerce through our activity as Online Sales Agent (OSA).

    Rumah Tugas Akhir / RTA as one of activity from APTIKNAS -  is trying to optimise the final project / thesis at the Universities, especially in the field of software, in order to become a product that can be seeded in the market. The RTA will also be associated with 2,000 members of APTIKNAS throughout Indonesia. APTIKNAS welcome to any investor, organization, company, personal to invest in this RTA Projects. APTIKNAS will escort the investment, to make sure it is save and properly implemented. Through RTA, APTIKNAS encourage the emergence of new startups, which in turn will accelerate the realizations of the digital economy in Indonesia.

    Now, we have a very extensive network in Indonesia, which is include a variety of fields and business areas. We have invested so much of our time to various activities both in and outside the ICT area such as the Stop Child Abuse Foundation, Indonesian Sales Community, Onno Center Interational, Profesional Certification Agency in Computer Related, KPTIK, APOI, etc.
    We have been very actively act as a government partner in providing input on the policy will be taken by the government, such as local content for smartphones Industries (TKDN), the negotiation and rules of ICT cooperation between and among countries (AFTA, RCEP, etc).

    Indonesia has 514 districts and 33 provinces which contribute a potential target market for products and solutions of Smart City. APTIKNAS always give advice to local governments that big investment is needed to produce a far greater impact for the sake of growth in the area. In this way, hopefully products and solutions for the smart city can be received by local governments as a solution that does need investment.

    APTIKNAS also support and encourage his members  to attend the Computex exhibition in Taipei, we help government to find the right participants for international exhibitions such as Cebit, CommunicAsia and Gitex. APTIKNAS also coordinate with related government in the implementation of activities related to national and international ICT such as exhibitions, workshops, training, etc. Other activities that are not less important is that APTIKNAS actively doing blood donation as a contribution to the association in helping others.

    We are expecting that this activity can continue and keep growing. And for that, we need to create  a result of this activity that can be directly actionable. We suggest that Smart City Center owned by APTIKNAS can be act as a starting point for greater cooperation and collaboration in the next future. 

    Organizational Structure of the Central Board APTIKNAS Period 2017-2021:

    1. Chairman: Soegiharto Santoso (Jakarta)
    2. Secretary General: Muzakkir (Bogor)
    3. Treasurer: Go Andri Sugondo (Jakarta)
    4. Deputy Secretary General: Nursamsi (Bogor)
    5. Deputy Treasurer: Tjek Amin (Jakarta)

    6. Vice Chairman 1: Komang Purnama (Bali)
    7. Head of Organization, Cadreization & Membership: Sahala Doloksaribu (Palembang)
    8. Head of Relationship between DPD: M Rusli Prihatepy (Bogor)

    9. Vice Chairman 2: Manggara Pangaribuan (Jakarta)
    10. Head of Legal Affairs: Kho Miau Djung / Andy Christopher (Jakarta)
    11. Head of Tax Sector: Sarki Gunawan (Jakarta)
    12. Head of Banking Division: The Teguh Wahidin (Jakarta)

    13. Vice Chairman 3: Tan Untung Sutikno S. (Jakarta)
    14. Head of Government Relations & Interagency Affairs: Febrizal Effendi (Jakarta)
    15. Head of Business Development & Promotion: Buntoro Kadarusman (Purwokerto)
    16. Head of Exhibition: Hendri Andrigo Sutanto (Jakarta)

    17. Vice Chairman 4: Puguh Kuswanto (Bogor)
    18. Head of Creative Industries: Tritan Saputra (Surabaya)
    19. Head of Systems Integrator and Security: Kurniadi Seta Sanjaya (Jakarta)
    20. Head of Application Development: Okky Tri Hutomo (Surabaya)
    21. Head of CRM Application Development: Irawan (Jakarta)
    22. Head of Industrial Development in State & TKDN: Bambang Supartono (Surabaya)

    23. Vice Chairman 5: Andi Mulja Tanudiredja (Jakarta)
    24. Head of International Relations: Yolanda Roring (Jakarta)
    25. Head of Smart City Development: Hendra Gunawan (Jakarta)
    26. Head of Online Business Development: Andy Djojo Budiman (Jakarta)
    27. Head of Human Resource Development Division: Ashari Abidin (Jakarta)

    28. Vice Chairman 6: Poey Peng An / Andy Ho (Jakarta)
    29. Head of Public Relations: Tommy Wilmark Tampubolon (Jakarta)
    30. Head of Sports, Health and Recreation: Ali Said Mahanes (Jakarta)
    31. Head of Social Affairs: Christian Bernard / Kiki (Jakarta)

    APTIKNAS currently has 24 Regional Board from Aceh to Papua and will be increased:
    1.  APTIKNAS DPD Aceh
    2.  APTIKNAS DPD Sumatera Utara
    3.  APTIKNAS DPD Sumatera Barat
    4.  APTIKNAS DPD Riau
    5.  APTIKNAS DPD Jambi
    6.  APTIKNAS DPD Sumatera Selatan
    7.  APTIKNAS DPD Lampung
    8.  APTIKNAS DPD Bangka Belitung
    9.  APTIKNAS DPD DKI Jakarta
    10.  APTIKNAS DPD Depok
    11.  APTIKNAS DPD Bogor
    12.  APTIKNAS DPD Jawa Tengah
    13.  APTIKNAS DPD Surakarta
    14.  APTIKNAS DPD Magelang
    15.  APTIKNAS DPD Banyumas
    16.  APTIKNAS DPD Cilacap
    17.  APTIKNAS DPD Kudus
    18.  APTIKNAS DPD Bali
    19.  APTIKNAS DPD Kalimantan Barat
    20.  APTIKNAS DPD Kalimantan Selatan
    21.  APTIKNAS DPD Sulawesi Selatan
    22.  APTIKNAS DPD Sulawesi Utara
    23.  APTIKNAS DPD Papua
    24.  APTIKNAS DPD Kepulauan Riau (Kepri - Batam)

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