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    Webinar Using AI/ML CCTV Software to Increase HSE, Compliance, Security - 26 Juni 2024

     The Construction Industry is facing many pressures today due to the slow economy, weak demand, rising cost, increasing regulatory requirements for HSE, Compliance, Safety, etc.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are giving benefits to many companies using them. Would you like to see how to use these AI applications to:

    1.    Increase Safety

    2.    Increase HSE

    3.    Increase Compliance

    4.    Monitor Equipment Utilization

    5.    Provide Automate Video repast

    If your answer is YES then please join our Webinar on Wednesday, 26th June 2024 at 10 AM Jakarta Time on Zoom. Details given below.

    Please register if interested. Register to   Sari Rameli

    Whatsapp :085697773478

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