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    Join Our Event The Digital Office : Improving Company Performance

    In today's Post Lockdown Scenario, working from home has become part of life. It’s no longer a choice but becoming part of our life.

    Employees are working longer but productivity is less.  Also, it affects their satisfaction, health and engagement.  So how can you boost productivity and engagement?  

    We will show you tools and system on how to work effectively from home using Digital Office Improving Company Performance.  Join us at our webinar at 2 PM Jakarta time on Tuesday/ 19 December 2023 to get answers to these.

    Please see details below and register if you find this of interest.  Hope you can invite some of your prospects and colleagues.

    Please see details below and register if you are interested. 

    We look forward to seeing you there.


    Sari Rameli

    PT OTI Transformasi Lintas International

    Whatsapp 085697773478

    Email sari@otiinternational.com

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