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    Explore Manufacturing Digital Hub di Manufacturing Indonesia


    Manufacturing Digital Hub at the Manufacturing Indonesia 2023, we centralized various digital platform and technology from our automation partners to showcase their latest digital technologies, solutions, and innovations in manufacturing industry. This Manufacturing Digital Hub serves as a focal point for industry professionals to explore and learn about the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

    Make the most of your visit by exploring how our digital innovations can propel your business to new heights of efficiency and productivity.

    We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Manufacturing Digital Hub to witness the future of manufacturing!



    Evolusi 3D didirikan pada tahun 2018. Evolusi 3D kini menjadi salah satu solusi bisnis terlengkap dalam bidang 3D Teknologi, mulai dari 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, 3D Software, hingga sertifikasi untuk 3D Teknologi yang diakui oleh dunia.

    PT Global Milenia Teknologi

    GMT was founded by a team with years of experience in IT industry to provide customer-oriented solutions.

    PT Nadara Digital Solusi

    “Virtual Reality sebagai Media Training Karyawan yang Efektif dan Efisien”.

    PT Daya Cipta Mandiri Monitoring

    Membangun dan memelihara Data Center anda. Solusi terkait Structure Cabling, AC Presisi, AC Split, Panel Listrik, Environment Monitoring, Fire Extinguisher, Access Control, Data Center Infrastructure Management.

    PT Mplus Solusi Perdana

    M+ Software aims at providing the best IT solution for our customers. Our services are designed with a track record of proven results, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

    PT Global Sahabat Otomasi

    PT Global Sahabat Otomasi, an engineering company which is specializes in Machine Vision and Control. Established by an expert team, who have success in engineering field. They provide a solution base on field case. PT Global Sahabat Otomasi has quickly gained trust from multinational company due their performance in supporting and providing solution for the user.

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