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    Photovoltaic & Storage (PVS) akan berlangsung di 14-16 NOV 2023

     In the heart of this Photovoltaic exhibition, we gather not just to witness innovation, but to celebrate it. As we embark on a day filled with insights and breakthroughs, we are delighted to introduce a speaker who has stood at the forefront of technological change in solar energy - Fanky Christian (Secretary General, Indonesian ICT Business Association (APTIKNAS)).

    He will deliver Association's perspective at the panel discussion with the topic: "Innovations in Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems and Storage“ at the panel discussion on Wednesday, 15 November 2023 at 14:00 - 15:00 WIB in Garuda Main Hall 1, ICE, BSD City - Indonesia.

    If you attend this conference, you will leave with a deeper understanding of the potential and challenges of off-grid energy solutions, as well as actionable insights for their own projects and initiatives.

    You will also benefit from valuable networking opportunities, connecting with experts and peers in the field.

    The Innovations in Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems and Storage's attendees will grasp the fundamental principles of solar energy, particularly concerning photovoltaic (PV) installations, and their multifaceted impact on both the environment and economic expansion.

    PVS ASEAN 2023's conference will illuminate the evolving landscape of solar energy prospects within ASEAN nations, which have made substantial advancements in recent years.

    📆: 14th - 16th November 2023
    📍 : ICE (Indonesia Convention Exhibition), BSD City, Indonesia

    Register now to the exhibition and our Exclusive Conference at: bit.ly/li-pvs23

    For futher details, visit our website: https://pvs-asean.com/

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