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    Building a Smarter Future Together: New Taipei City’s ASEAN Delegation Seeking to Collaborate With Indonesian Companies in Smart Industries Business Opportunities

     On September 26, New Taipei City will be leading 22 innovative Taiwanese companies to Indonesia for a trade mission event at the Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin. New Taipei City is a leader in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries, and has assisted many companies successfully expand and operate globally. The upcoming Indonesian event provides an exclusive day of business matchmaking followed by two days of local company visits. The Indonesian ICT Business Association (Asosiasi Pengusaha TIK Nasional, APTIKNAS) is a key cooperation partner of the event, while providing a strategic alignment of bilateral business interests. 

    The Indonesian government has recently outlined plans for a capital relocation project for 2024. The focus of this project is on Smart City Technology and Industry 4.0-related industries. Additionally, the country has prioritized substantial infrastructure projects encompassing transportation, energy, and communication networks. These initiatives are anticipated to drive demand for manufacturing and telecommunications services, creating opportunities for New Taipei businesses to establish a presence and collaborate with Indonesian partners. Moreover, New Taipei City has strong hardware and software integration capabilities in the industrial supply chain, making it an ideal partner for Indonesia in the smart city sector. 

    "The trade mission marks a significant return to global economic exchanges after enduring the Pandemic and hopefully will provide New Taipei City companies with a valuable opportunity to expand into international markets. This year’s 22 delegation members represent 4 key industries: ICT, Intelligent Energy, Smart Manufacturing, and Machinery. With our partnership with APTIKNAS, we aim to achieve unparalleled business matching success. We sincerely invite local companies to participate in this year’s event to explore potential opportunities for long-term product sourcing, technical collaboration, and joint business development." said Amy Ho, Commissioner of the Economic Development Department of the New Taipei City Government.

    About New Taipei City

    New Taipei City is a leading economic hub of industrial and commercial activities in Taiwan with over 300,000 factories, businesses, and registered companies. The City has emerged as a major player in Taiwan's ICT industry, and has helped many local companies achieve global expansion success. The New Taipei City Government has received numerous industry awards, including the 2021 Asia-Pacific Smart City Award and the 2022 ICF Top1 Global Smart City Award. These awards recognize the city's commitment to fostering Smart Technology industry advancement while promoting international collaboration. In September 2023, New Taipei City will lead an exclusive trade mission delegation to visit Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia) to explore potential Smart City solution collaboration opportunities within the region to co-create future success in innovative smart industries.

    Event Information

    -      Date: 2023.09.26(Tue) 09:30-17:00

    -      Venue: Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin CBD (2F, The Gallery)

    -      Address: Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 59, 10350 Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

    -      Registration Link: https://sparklnk.com/NTC-ID-registration

    -      Trade Mission Handbook: https://sparklnk.com/NTC-TradeMission-Handbook

    -      Delegation Company List: https://sparklnk.com/NTC-TradeMission-CompanyList

    SOURCE: https://www.asiaone.com/business/building-smarter-future-together-new-taipei-citys-asean-delegation-seeking-collaborate

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