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    Join Upcoming Webinar "Defining Ransomware: Stages, Tactics, and Protection" 2 Aug 2023


    Dear Cybersecurity Professionals,


    APTIKNAS supported AISP activities. We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar on the topic of "Defining Ransomware: Stages, Tactics, and Protection." In today's digital landscape, the threat of ransomware looms larger than ever, and it's crucial to stay informed and prepared.


    During this webinar, our expert speakers will delve into the following key areas:


    • Defining Ransomware: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what ransomware is, how it works, and the impact it can have on individuals and organizations.


    • Different Stages of a Ransomware Attack: Learn about the various stages that constitute a ransomware attack, from initial infection to encryption and ransom demands.


    • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by Ransomware Groups: Explore the sophisticated methods employed by ransomware groups to maximize their effectiveness and evade detection.


    • Recent Cyber-Attacks by Ransomware Groups: Get insights into some of the most recent and high-profile ransomware attacks, understanding the modus operandi and their targets.


    • Protection Strategies: Discover effective measures and best practices to protect yourself and your organization from falling victim to ransomware attacks.


    Date: 2 August 2023, 11am SGT

    Registration Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/4016841183809/WN_SQKml4mTQnupUt2PXQwRew



    Our webinar will feature interactive sessions and an opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts. It is open to anyone concerned about cybersecurity, whether you're an individual looking to safeguard personal data or an IT professional responsible for securing your organization's network.


    Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and fortify your defenses against ransomware threats. Limited seats are available, so secure your spot now.


    Join us as we explore the inner world of these dangerous cybercriminals..

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