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    Webinar Information security: developing a people-centric strategy - 27 Apr 2021


    [Webinar] Information strategy: developing a people-centric strategy | April 27, 2pm SGT
    Cybersecurity has generally been considered an IT issue, but even the most robust IT strategies acting alone cannot protect organisations in a time where remote-working has opened the door to increased security threats.
    While HR is increasingly called upon to play a central role in organisational information security management, there remains a gap between ownership as assigned from the top-down and the effectiveness of existing training programmes.
    Date: Tuesday April 27th

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    This live session will also be recorded and available for on-demand viewing with registration.
    How can businesses bridge the gap between IT and HR, and empower individual employees when it comes to keeping an organisation secure?
    Join us virtually for Information security: developing a people-centric strategy on Tuesday April 27th at 2pm SGT (view your time zone) to understand how businesses can develop an end-to-end approach rooted in company culture and effective processes, in order to protect an organisation’s evolving technology infrastructure.
    • What training is needed to raise awareness of new risks and prevention strategies? How can it be kept from disrupting workflow or being overwhelming? 
    • What measures can be taken so new security measures are not seen as intrusive to an employee?
    • How can we empower individual employees to become strong information security agents and make the right choices whilst working remotely?
    Safi Obeidullah
    Safi Obeidullah
    Field CTO
    Supriya Patwardhan
    Supriya Patwardhan
    Executive vice president and global head of IT services
    DPDHL Group
    Doris Sohmen-Pao
    Doris Sohmen-Pao
    Chief executive
    Human Capital Leadership Institute
    Andre Shori
    Andre Shori
    Chief information security officer, Asia-Pacific
    Schneider Electric
    Charles Ross
    Charles Ross
    Principal, Public Policy and Thought Leadership
    The Economist Group

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