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    APTIKNAS kembali mendukung e2eCommerce 30 Sep - 1 Okt 2020

    After a series of successful events, the fifth edition will be held to be bigger and better to encourage the Indonesia's eCommerce industry to embrace the digital era.

    You will find repeated exhibitors coming again to exhibit as they already experienced the positive impact from previous editions. Many new exciting players are going to come to bring more in-depth discussion on industry trends and innovative solutions.

    What are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to exhibit!
    "e2eCommerce is a great event because it brings so many different players of eCommerce ecosystem from logistics to payment gateway and many others. It is a huge event and I enjoy my time here."

    Madan Sanglikar,
    Co-founder & Managing Partner Affle
    "e2eCommerce is a good event because we can meet so many companies in eCommerce industry. It allows us to network with many different people to gain more knowledge and team up for new business opportunities."

    Niko Arabella,
    Founder Arabella Media & Technologies
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