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    Taiwan Offers Smart Transportation to Indonesian Market

    INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta - Taiwan offers a smart digital integration-based transportation system to industrial markets in Indonesia in the form of exploratory cooperation.

    'Our hands are always open to cooperate with the Indonesian government. We are ready to develop with Indonesia in realizing Smart City so we can make it easier for the government to achieve that, "said Tony Lin, Deputy Executive Director of Strategy, Trade and Marketing of Taiwan (TAITRA).

    In his written statement received by media crew in Jakarta, Saturday (31/3/2018), Taiwan considers Indonesia as a country that has a population of about 250 million population requires a good and adequate transportation patterns.

    The application of technology in transportation is a key factor in overcoming transportation problems in Indonesia today. Seeing the opportunity, through Taiwan Expo 2018 event, Taiwan Excellence presents smart transportation solutions by holding a seminar titled Taiwan Excellence in Smart Transportation.

    Four leading brands and systems integrators in the smart transport sector in Taiwan, the Internet of Things from the Intelligent Transportation System (EC), the Smart Traffic Monitor System (ICP DAS), the Atop Technology (ATP) management system, as well as examples of innovative applications and technologies from the world's first intelligent integrated locomotive measurement system (Hongjiateng Aeon) share experiences that may be biased as a reference or solution for Indonesia in implementing smart transport system.

    The integration of these technologies works well on hardware and software, such as traffic control, information management and electronic communications that keep pace with technological developments of developed countries in the world.

    Tony also explained that Taiwan has experience in developing 100 cities based on smart city. One possible example to apply in the concept of smart city in Indonesia is the use of technology on the highway by utilizing Electronic Technology Charge (ETC).

    If using ETC, riders do not need to do tapping on the toll booth to make transactions.

    "This system allows motorists to pass through toll booths without having to tap like e-Toll like now. This is a solution to overcome the congestion that happened at the toll booth. As Taiwan has implemented this system and riders live pass directly, no need to stop The system will provide charge automatically for passing motorists, "Tony said.

    The same is also expressed by Soegiharto Santoso as Chairman of the National Association of ICT Entrepreneurs (APTIKNAS), that Taiwan is now leading in the development of smart city.

    As a result of Taiwan ICT, it has emerged with a number of impressive solutions in the field of Intelligent Transportation System, both from the perspective of technological and implementation capabilities that have been applied in Taiwan.

    "We are very grateful and appreciate the opportunity given by Taiwan Excellence This smart transportation seminar is an opportunity to catch up with the latest technology," said Soegiharto.

    source: http://en.industry.co.id/read/4690/taiwan-offers-smart-transportation-to-indonesian-market

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