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    Indonesia's largest toy and electronics exhibition was held

    Indonesia's largest toy and electronics exhibition was held

    Muhdori (right 1) was accompanied by Sustjiadi Lukas (right 3) and Huang Yong Guan (left 1) to watch the exhibited products.

    Muhdori (left 6), Deputy Director of Guangdong Commodities Huang Yong Guan (right 5), Chairman of the Indonesian Toy Association Sustjiadi Lukas (left 5) and guests held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening ceremony ceremony.

    The largest toy and children's products exhibition in Indonesia in 2017 coincided with the exhibition of electronic and home appliances (IITE & IEAE 2017) from August 23 to 25 (3 days) at Yajin Ma Ya Lan Jakarta International Exhibition Center B1 and B2 Hall was held.IITE & IEAE 2017 exhibited a variety of high quality products, from toys, children's products, pregnant women and baby products, safety devices, electronic products, entertainment, home appliances. (AIMI), the Indonesian Association of Toys and Manufacturers (APMETI), the National Association of Technology and Communications Companies (APTIKNAS) and the Indonesian Association of Safety and Integration Systems (AIMI), the Indonesian Association of Toys and Manufacturers (AIMI) ASISINDO) support.
    "In China, the development of toys and children's products business opportunities are very clear.This is mainly by the community in addition to toys for the play but also improve the awareness of children's intelligence.Peraga Expo hope that the exhibition can become a business and entrepreneurs, exporters , Stakeholders in the development of China's toy and children's products industry, the transfer platform.
    After the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) in 2016, the ASEAN countries have improved their competitiveness in the face of competition from Chinese and Indian enterprises and attracted foreign entrepreneurs to invest. This area is very much in need of foreign investment to create employment opportunities and improve people's welfare.
    IITE & IEAE 2017 In addition to the huge market share for MEA, I hope that the industry and the business sector to revitalize human resources, products and distribution to improve competitiveness, to the global market share.
    IITE & IEAE 2017 is Indonesia's largest commercial scale for commercial business, as well as international scale manufacturing and producers from Guangdong Province, China. During the exhibition, a symposium was held, with the theme "Knowledge and awareness of imported toys to Indonesia" organized by the Ministry of Trade, and Qualis Indonesia provided "How to apply for the SNI certificate in Indonesia", and Ralali Indonesia also provided "Trends and developments in the Indonesian toy industry ", In addition to the forum and business matching also held cube games, baby crawling, pregnant women's products fashion show and other recreational activities.
    IITE & IEAE 2017 can be free admission, free of charge to participate in seminars and competitions, we hope that the second IITE & IEAE 2017 for the Indonesian electronics and toy industry development help.

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